The strategy of the Savings Banks Group

The basic objective of the Savings Banks Group is to promote thrift, the financial well-being of our customers and to operate near our customers.

We provide services and solutions based on our customers’ individual needs, while also anticipating changes in consumer behaviour and industry trends. We ensure that our relationships with our customers are long-term, and we encourage our customers towards economical spending and strive to promote their financial wellbeing. These goals are also visible in our values and our customer work.

Savings Bank is just the right size, with responsible operations brought close to its customers.

Our goal is that an increasing number of Finns will select a Savings Bank from the Savings Banks Group as their principal bank due to our customer-oriented approach and responsible operations.

Our business operations are based on low-risk retail banking. This means we focus especially on families of active age as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, including agricultural entrepreneurs, and on providing the services they need. The products and services we sell are available to our customers both at branch offices and through supporting digital channels. We provide our customers with a full range of retail banking products and services. Some of our complementary services are provided in collaboration with partners that share the values of savings banks.

The new Savings Banks Group preserves the savings bank tradition in Finland, which can be traced back more than 190 years, while also ensuring the continuity of savings bank operations.

Our competitive strategy

Our competitive strategy is based on strong customer orientation, which is referred to as the Savings Bank Experience. Our special strengths lie in our range of services that is close to the customer, cost-efficient and developed on the basis of customer needs.

The Savings Bank Experience means that we want to know what you really care about, while also staying close to you and providing you with the possibility of contacting us whenever you need to and through any means convenient to you. The wellbeing of our customers and the local communities is a key aspect of the Savings Bank Experience. Savings Banks exist to serve their customers and want to be financial coaches for them.

The differentiating factors that support the competitive strategy of Savings Banks:

  • We offer customer-oriented means to reach us and receive the Savings Bank Experience. These are offered equally via both physical and digital channels. 
  • Our focus is on the customer’s actual situation and any related needs. We treat our customer-owners as real people, not just owners.
  • We act as financial coaches for our customers. In practice, this means we offer our customers better and better tools for managing their own finances.
  • We look after the wellbeing of the local community. In addition to our own customers, it is essential for us that the rest of the community thrives, too. 
    We believe that responsibility is also beneficial for the bank.

Business segments

The key business segments of the Savings Banks Group are:

  • banking
  • asset management and life insurance
  • other operations, such as Sp-Koti’s real estate agency services and support functions. 

Our own range of products and services covers all key banking services. Our range of services is complemented by an extensive selection of financial services and products provided in cooperation with our partners.

Our goals are profitable growth, better capital adequacy than the industry as a whole and a financial standing that is healthy with respect to its capital buffers. Our risk-bearing capacity is good and our risk-taking policy is conservative.

The Savings Banks Group’s values

We listen to the customer and meet our customers in a unique way based on the customer's individual needs.

Our cooperation with customers, personnel, Savings Banks and partners is open, genuine and conducive to growth. We regenerate and reform our operations.

We conduct our business professionally and reliably. We exist for the customer and the local community.

Our profitability and growth ensure the development of customer services and the vitality of our operational environment.
Our objectives

Our objectives

  • We work to ensure our excellent customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 
  • More and more Finns choose us as their primary bank.
  • The Savings Banks Group’s products and services are available to our customers both at physical branch offices and through supporting digital channels.
  • We provide our customers with a full range of retail banking products and services, some of which are delivered by partners that share our values.
  • We have an attractive brand.
  • The core of our operations is low-risk retail banking.
  • We offer new opportunities through digital and e-banking services. 
  • We employ the industry’s most competent and multi-talented digital-era professionals.
  • We are a profitable business, with growth that improves our risk-bearing capacity in a controlled manner.
  • We are financially sound and reliable investment.